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Esalare is the ultimate collection of all that stands true for our belief in the importance of celebrating and cherishing our ‘down time’, in luxury and comfort… The name captures it;‘Esalare’ this beautiful word simply means ‘Exhale’ in Italian. We all deserve to have that moment at the end of the day where we decompress, let the day go, reflect and indulge a little bit…
With a background in business and fashion design, and many years of perfecting the art of relaxing…  we truly felt there was a need for the opportunity to create your ‘downtime wardrobe’ without sacrificing comfort, quality and style. Fashion and style need not be put to bed when you go to bed!
Travel through the states and Europe gave us exposure to International trends, lifestyles and attitudes which soon gave way to the idea of sourcing the best in sleep and loungewear. It is extremely important to us that our designers have unique stories, are passionate for their craft, and use natural high grade fibres. The detailed, quality construction allows men and women on our side of the world to have the same access to such downtime indulgence.
Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, we discovered the many benefits of the various natural fibres, the softness and strength of cashmere, the cloud like lightness and breathability of cotton and silk blends, and the skin care features of pure silk.
 Enter classic detailing drawn from the rich history of sleepwear (thanks to fashion icon Coco Chanel for her ground breaking foray into women’s Pyjamas in the 20’s), we bring you an exciting, exquisite, sumptuous and utterly dream worthy collection. Now it’s time to Exhale…. Esalare.
Sweet dreams…
Esalare x